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"I am an artist, musician, innovator, leader and a creative person. I am constanctly involved in projects that inspire people to accomplish their dreams"

"My Purpose is to change the world through music"

Composer, Bass player, music producer, arranger and teacher

The passion of Mauricio for music is as strong as his passion for motivating people on his journey through life. That is the reason his musical work is a constant testimony in the search for new possibilities. Due to this, in his role as a composer, soloist, music producer, arranger, teacher and as a member of different bands, he has recorded several albums, live DVDs, done multiple tours, performed concerts, festivals, clinics and talks; he has played alongside a symphonic orchestra, as well as being a finalist and winner of the Pulsar Chilean Music Awards (kind of Chilean Grammys) and being sponsored by important brands of musical instruments and equipment. To all this is also added a talk he made a few years ago for the prestigious foundation TED.

His passion for music and innovation has led him to generate a solo repertoire for the electric bass with an unique style, consisting of pieces from a classical and popular repertoire, along with his compositions and playing them with his own identity. This is reflected in his three solo albums "Solo Pieces for Electric Bass" (2015), "The Four Seasons" (2017), which is a milestone in electric bass history being the first time that a musician does the complete electric bass transcription for Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece, and "Our Soul Revealed” (2018), which consists in emotional instrumental music with the electric bass as the main instrument, accompanied by symphonic orchestra, choir, acoustic guitar, piano and percussions. This three solo albums can be reviewed on the first full video recording of a live concert called “Echoes from Time”, published in August 2019.