Stick and Bass European Tour 2018 Pt. 2

SnB Euro 2018 Pt 2

Chilean solo artists Tomás Díaz and Mauricio Nader continue their successful European Tour 2018 in September

After having made an extensive and successful European tour during the months of April, May and June of this year, both Chilean musicians return to the road in September for a second part of their tour in the continent, to show the best of their solo repertoire in an extraordinary combined show. This will be a spectacular concert suitable for all kinds of audiences, with an excellent stage performance and interaction with the crowd.

Tomás Díaz is one of the most active worldwide performers of the Chapman Stick, which provides an exquisite and unique sonority through strings played with the "tapping" technique. This is reflected in his recent solo album published in 2018 called "Introspective", which contains a selection of his compositions for the instrument, as well as a variety of music versions of his country of origin, arranged by himself.

Mauricio Nader has stood out for contributing to put the electric bass as a solo concert instrument, first through his two solo albums for solo bass, and then with the release of his third album called "Our Soul Revealed" (2018), which consists in own compositions with the bass as the main instrument, this time accompanied by symphonic orchestra, choirs, piano, percussion and effects; resulting in an excellent sound combination which reminds film music and new age.


Tour dates:


11th, September 2018 - SWEDEN, Gothenburg - “Primer Memorial - Por el derecho de vivir en Paz” - Granngården, Bjurslättsskolan - Konvaljegatan 8, 41718 - 18:00 hrs. -  Inträde gratis - Facebook Event:



15th, September 2018 - SWEDEN, Örnsköldsvik - Musikhuset - Viktoriaesplanaden 3F, 89133 - 19:00 hrs. - Inträde gratis, donationer begärs -

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21st, September 2018 - POLAND, Leszno - Biblioteka Ratuszowa - Rynek 1, Ratusz, 64 100, Leszno - 20:00 hrs - Wstęp wolny - -

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22nd, September 2018 - CZECH REPUBLIC, Prague - Jamm Club - Pod Kaštany 3, 160 00 - 20:00 hrs. - 100 CSK -

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24th, September 2018 - SLOVAKIA, Nitra - Fotogaléria Trafačka - Janka Kráľa 65, 949 01 - 19:00 hrs. - €3 -

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25th, September 2018 - SLOVAKIA, Bratislava - Kulturak Klub - Bazová 9 - 20:30 hrs. - €3 -

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26th, September 2018 - GERMANY, Berlin - Kiki Sol - Reinickendorfer Str. 96, Wedding - 19:30 Hrs. - Eintritt frei, um Spenden wird gebeten -

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27th, September 2018 - GERMANY, Düren - Komm - August-Klotz-Str. 21, 52349 - 20:00 Uhr - Eintritt frei, um Spenden wird gebeten -

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Stick and Bass European Tour 2018

SnB Tour Poster

A very extraordinary, innovative and impressive concert will take place in different cities of Europe between April and June 2018

After their successful tour through Europe last year, the chilean musicians Mauricio Nader and Tomas Diaz return for promoting their new albums "Our Soul Revealed" (listen here) and "Introspective" (listen here).
A concert with music for all ages, with easy-listening music for Chapman Stick and 6-string electric bass.

Tomas Diaz has been playing the Chapman Stick for several years and is a globally respected artist on this instrument. The Chapman Stick is a fusion of electric guitar and e-bass with up to 12 strings. The strings are struck with both hands and not plucked, so that you can play melodies with bass accompaniment at the same time on an instrument. In 2016 Tomas Diaz published the EP "Opera Prima-Pieces for Chapman Stick" and now he has released his new album "Introspective".

Mauricio Nader is also an internationally recognized musician who has brought the electric bass to a higher level. He has released 10 studio albums with many bands. In 2015 he released his first solo album "Solo Pieces for Electric Bass". In 2017 he released his second solo album "The Four Seasons" where he arranges Vivaldi's masterpiece "The 4 Seasons" for electric bass. In 2016, he was nominated for the Pulsar Price in Chile as a Performer of the Year. Now he is promoting his third work called "Our Soul Revealed".
Both musicians play solo as well as together. 


Here is the information for each date:


13 April 2018 - GERMANY, Langerwehe - Pfarrheim - 52379 Langerwehe-Schlich, Paradiesstr. 14 - 19:00 hrs - Eintritt frei, um Spenden wird gebeten

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14 April 2018 - GERMANY, Aachen - Auferstehungskirche - Am Kupferofen 19 - 19:00 hrs - Eintritt frei, um Spenden wird gebeten

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21 April 2018 - GERMANY, Frankfurt - Live in der Werkstatt - Daimlerstraße 8, 63303 Dreieich - 19:00 hrs - Eintritt frei, um Spenden wird gebeten

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25 April 2018 - GERMANY, Berlin - DTK-Wasserturm - Kopischstrasse 7, 10965 Kreuzberg - 17:00 hrs - Eintritt frei - Special Workshop for general audience.


25 April 2018 - GERMANY, Berlin - DTK-Wasserturm - Kopischstrasse 7, 10965 Kreuzberg - 19:00 hrs - Eintritt frei, um Spenden wird gebeten

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11 May 2018 - CZECH REPUBLIC, Prague - Jamm Club - Pod kaštany 3, 160 00 - 20:00 hrs - 100 CZK

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15 May 2018 - CZECH REPUBLIC, Brno - Masarykova Univerzita Filozofická Fakulta - Arna Nováka 1 - 17:30 hrs - Private Concert for students.


16 May 2018 - CZECH REPUBLIC, Brno - Music Lab - Opletalova 1 - Hudební Fakulta JAMU, 60200 - 20:30 hrs - 70 CZK

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17 May 2018 - SLOVAKIA, Bratislava - Kulturak Klub - Bazová 9 - 19:30 hrs - €3

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18 May 2018 - SLOVAKIA, Nitra - Ars Studio Academy - Dubiková 24 949 01 - 15:00 hrs - Special Workshop for students.


21 May 2018 - SLOVAKIA, Nitra - Fotogaléria Trafačka - Janka Kráľa 65, 94901 - 19:30 hrs - € 3

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22 May 2018 - AUSTRIA, Vienna - Kramladen - U-Bahnbogen 39-40, Lerchenfeldergürtel, 1080 - 20:00 hrs - Eintritt frei, um Spenden wird gebeten.

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23 May 2018 - POLAND, Wroclaw - Niebo Cafe - ul. Ruska 51, 50-079 - 20:00 hrs - free entrance, voluntary fee.

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25 May 2018 - POLAND, Cracow - Bonobo Księgarnia Kawiarnia Podróżnicza - Mały Rynek 4, 31-041 - 20:00 hrs - free entrance, voluntary fee.

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1 Jun 2018 - SLOVAKIA, Banská Štiavnica - Libressobar - Radničné námestie 13/B, 969 01 - 20:30 hrs - € 3

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2 Jun 2018 - SLOVAKIA, Brezno - Synagóga Brezno - Štúrova 888/11, 977 01 -  18:30 hrs - € 4

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21 Jun 2018 - UKRAINE, Lviv - Пструг, хліб та вино, 21:00 hrs. - free entrance

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New Album Published

Our Soul Revealed

Mauricio has just published his new solo album with eight own compositions. It consists in emotional instrumental music with the electric bass as the main instrument, accompanied by symphonic orchestra, choir, acoustic guitar, piano and percussions. this is a new path on his solo career by searching for new possibilities for his music, this time with other instruments in the supporting role for his bass guitar. You can listen the whole album here .

Also, each song of the album has an illustration form the chilean artist Laura Trisot, who has made a brilliant work with the music of Mauricio.

Mauricio acaba de publicar su nuevo disco solista de ocho composiciones propias, el cual es un emotivo trabajo instrumental con el bajo eléctrico como instrumento principal, esta vez acompañado por orquesta sinfónica, coros, guitarras acústicas, teclados, piano y percusiones. Este es un nuevo paso para Mauricio en su carrera, al buscar nuevas posibilidades para su música, ahora con otros instrumentos en el rol de soporte para su bajo eléctrico. Puedes escuchar el disco completo acá .

Además, cada canción del álbum posee una ilustración realizada por la artista chilena Laura Trisot, que ha hecho un brillante trabajo en imágenes para la música de Mauricio.

Stick and Bass Tour Chile 2017

Stick and Bass Tour Chile 2017

Mauricio Nader and Tomás Díaz will do a tour in Chile during November, with the same format they did last July in Europe. In every show, both musicians will play their solo work, and then they will play together some chilean and Latin American arrangements. 

Debido al gran interés que generó en Chile la gira que Tomás Díaz (Chapman Stick) y Mauricio Nader (Bajo Eléctrico) realizaron en el viejo continente en Julio pasado, ellos han decidido repetir esta experiencia ahora en varias ciudades de nuestro país para presentar lo mejor de sus trabajos solistas. Esta gira, a realizarse a fines de noviembre de este año, reproducirá íntegramente el show doble que Tomás y Mauricio ofrecieron en Polonia, República Checa, Eslovaquia y Alemania hace cuatro meses atrás, consistente en un concierto donde cada artista presentará por separado su trabajo, para luego finalizar la presentación en formato de dúo con la interpretación de arreglos de música Chilena y latinoamericana. 


21 Noviembre - FRUTILLAR - 18:00 hrs. Instituto Alemán de Frutillar (Av Philippi 231) - Entrada Liberada

22 Noviembre - PUERTO VARAS - 19:00 hrs. Colegio Alemán de Puerto Varas (Km 1,4 Camino Ensenada) - Entrada Liberada

24 Noviembre - VALDIVIA - 22:00 hrs. Perro Negro Rock Beer (Esmeralda 675) - Entrada $1.000

25 Noviembre - SANTA CRUZ - 19:00 hrs. Plaza de Santa Cruz - Entrada Liberada

26 Noviembre - RANCAGUA - 11:30 hrs. Casona Sanchina, Machalí (Av. San Juan 133) - Entrada Liberada

Mauricio will give a Workshop about how to prepare a live show / Mauricio dará un taller acerca de como preparar un show en vivo

Live Show workshop

Using all of his experience, Mauricio will give a Workshop in Santiago, Chile, about how to prepare a live show, from logistics to stage presence, which is very important for musicians and artists in general in order to give the best show they can.  This workshop is also very good for new bands who wants to improve their performances in every aspect. More info at

Usando toda su experiencia, Mauricio dará un taller en Santiago, Chile, acerca de como preparar un show en vivo, desde la logística hasta la puesta en escena, elementos que son muy importantes para músicos y artistas en general para que puedan realizar el mejor show posible. Este taller es muy bueno también para bandas emergentes, que quieren optimizar sus conciertos en todo aspecto. Más información en

New Endorsement: Elixir Strings

Elixir Strings.jpg

Mauricio is very proud to announce that from now on he is an artist roster of the best bass and guitar strings: Elixir. Check all the advantages of this brand at their website:

Mauricio está muy orgulloso de anunciar que desde ahora es artista de la mejor marca de cuerdas de guitarras y bajos: Elixir. Todas las ventajas de esta marca se pueden ver en su sitio web:

Sitck and Bass European Tour 2017

July 8th - Wroclaw, Poland. Księgarnia Hiszpańska, Szajnochy 5, 20:00 hrs. -

July 9th - Ostrów, Poland. Klub Stara Przepompownia, Raszkowska 78, 20:30 hrs. -

July 13th - Kraków, Poland. Bonobo księgarnia kawiarnia podróżnicza, Mały Rynek 4, 20:00 hrs. -

July 14th - Brno, Czech Republic. MusicLab, Opletalova 1, 602 00, 20:00 hrs. -

July 15th - Bratislava, Slovakia. Kafe Scherz, Palisady 27, 20:30 hrs. - 

July 16th - Nitra, Slovakia. Fotogaléria Trafačka, Janka Kráľa 65, 19:30 hrs. -

July 21st - Aachen, Germany. Schluesseloch, Boxgraben 51, 20:00 hrs. - 

July 22nd - Langerwehe, Germany. Töpfereimuseum, Pastoratsweg 1, 20:00 hrs. -

MAURICIO WINS IMPORTANT AWARD IN CHILE ALONG WITH CLAUDIO CORDERO TRÍO / Mauricio gana importante premio en Chile junto a Claudio Cordero Trío

The band Claudio Cordero Trío, where Mauricio is the bass player, was the winner of the Pulsar Awards of Chilean Music, on the “Best Metal Disc” category with his disc “Quasar” (2016). This event is the equivalent of the Chilean Grammy, since it’s the top award given in Chile in the music industry. It’s undoubtedly an award to the continuous effort and work with the band.


La banda Claudio Cordero Trío, donde Mauricio es bajista, fue la ganadora de los Premios Pulsar de la Música Chilena, en la categoría "Mejor disco de Metal" con su disco "Quasar" (2016). Esta instancia es el equivalente a los Grammy chilenos, ya que es el galardón máximo que se entrega en Chile en la industria de la música. Sin duda un premio al esfuerzo y al trabajo constante con el grupo. 

Gira Chile 2017


9 Mayo - VALLENAR - Centro Cultural (Prat 1094 esq. Colchagua) - 19:30 hrs. Entrada Liberada

10 Mayo - HUASCO - Centro Cultural Padre Luis Gil (Maestranza 147) - 10:30 hrs. AM - Entrada Liberada

13 Mayo - ISLA DE MAIPO - Salón Parroquial Iglesia Santuario de la Merced (Santelices 432) - 19:30 hrs. - Entrada Liberada

16 Mayo - CURICÓ - Centro Extensión UTalca (Merced 437) - 19:30 hrs. - Entrada Liberada.

17 Mayo - SAN FELIPE - Colegio Alemán (Ruta 60 - CH, #501, Panquehue) - 15:30 hrs. Entrada Liberada, previa inscripción a

18 Mayo - TALCA - Centro Extensión UTalca (2 norte 685) - 19:00 hrs. - Entrada Liberada

19 Mayo - TEMUCO - Centro Cultural Padre Las Casas (Manquehue 1441) - 20:00 hrs. - Entrada Liberada

20 Mayo - VALDIVIA - Perro Negro Rockbeer (Esmeralda 675) - 22:00 hrs. - Entrada $1.500

24 Mayo - PUERTO MONTT - Pub Barrabass (Alcalde 538) - 23:00 hrs - Entrada Liberada

25 Mayo - CASTRO - La Cueva de Quicaví (Blanco Encalada 55) - 22:00 hrs. Entrada $1.500

26 Mayo - ISLA PULUQUI (Calbuco) - Escuela Rural El Sembrador - Chope - 14:00 hrs. - Entrada Liberada.

26 Mayo - CALBUCO - Casa de la Cultura (Galvarino Riveros 38) - 19:30 hrs. - Entrada Liberada,

27 Mayo - ANCUD - Teatro Municipal (Blanco 663) - 20:00 hrs. Entrada Liberada

1 Junio - PUNTA ARENAS - Colegio Alemán (El Bosque 0398) - Horario y entrada por confirmar

8 Junio - VALPARAISO - Club Alemán (Salvador Donoso 1337) - 19:30 hrs. Entrada con Adhesión Voluntaria

11 Junio - EL MONTE - Teatro Carrera (Av. Los Libertadores 277) - 17:00 hrs. Entrada Liberada

13 Junio - FREIRINA - Centro Cultural (O’Higgins 1001) - 20:00 hrs. - Entrada Liberada

15 Junio - LA SERENA - Colegio Alemán (Cuatro Esquinas s/n, El Milagro) - 12:00 hrs. - Entrada Liberada

23 Junio - CURANILAHUE - Liceo Mariano Latorre (Caupolicán 812) - 19:30 hrs. - Entrada Liberada

24 Junio - ARAUCO - Centro Cultural (Esmeralda 411) - 19:30 hrs. - Entrada Liberada



Mauricio Nader releases innovative solo album / MAURICIO NADER LANZA INNOVADOR DISCO SOLISTA

The Four Seasons

Mauricio Nader has just published his second solo album, which consists on the transcription and recording of the complete work “The Four Seasons” of Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi for electric bass without accompaniment, and it will be promoted on a tour of live concerts which, until now, includes sixteen cities of the country, however, everything shows that there will be more during the next weeks.

Mauricio, who is also part of the bands “Alejandro Silva Power Cuarteto”, “Hidalgo”, and “Claudio Cordero Trío”, among others, has developed since a while an original solo work with his instrument, which consists in creating versions of classical music, Latin American folkloric music, popular music and his own compositions. All this executed without accompaniment musicians, neither support of audio tracks. This work has allowed him to tour a big part of Chile since more than two years, when he released his first disc called “Solo pieces for Electric Bass”, resulting in more than one hundred presentations in many cities of our country. Moreover, last August, he had the chance to present for the first time this proposal abroad, specifically in Slovakia, due to the tour made along with “Claudio Cordero Trío”.


Mauricio Nader acaba de publicar su segundo álbum solista, el cual consiste en la transcripción y grabación de la obra completa “Las Cuatro Estaciones” del compositor italiano Antonio Vivaldi para bajo eléctrico solo sin acompañamiento, y lo promocionará en una gira de conciertos en vivo que, hasta ahora, pasa por 16 ciudades del país, pero todo indica que se van a seguir sumando con el correr de las semanas.

Mauricio, quien también es integrante de las bandas Alejandro Silva Power Cuarteto, Hidalgo y Claudio Cordero Trío entre otras, ha desarrollado desde hace un tiempo un novedoso trabajo solista con su instrumento, consistente en hacer versiones de música docta, folklórica latinoamericana, popular y composiciones propias, todo ejecutado sin músicos de acompañamiento ni pistas de audio de apoyo. Este trabajo le ha llevado a recorrer gran parte de Chile desde hace más de dos años cuando lanzó su primer disco llamado “Solo Pieces for Electric Bass”, totalizando más de cien presentaciones en varias ciudades de nuestro país. Además, en agosto pasado, tuvo la oportunidad de presentar por primera vez esta propuesta en el extranjero, específicamente en Eslovaquia, aprovechando la gira Europea que hizo junto a Claudio Cordero Trío.

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